Recital Package

Tippy Toes Recital (1 of 1).jpg
Tippy Toes Recital (1 of 1).jpg

Recital Package


10 Total Videos, 5 Email Drafts and 2 Planning Guides to put on the perfect Tippy Toes production!

1.  Recital Checklist - Step by Step guide to run your own recital

2.  Recital Instructional Video (streaming*)

3.  4 Music Choices with Cut Suggestions

4.  4 Costumes Chosen to Correspond with Music Selections

5.  4 Choreography Videos of Recital Dances

6.  4 Costume Reveal Videos to email to parents

7.  Email Drafts for Parent Communication

  • Costume Image Emails
  • Costume Reveal Emails
  • Recital Practice Choreography Emails
  • Recital Reminders Email
  • Recital Checklist Email

8.  Props Warehouse Tour and Planning Guide

  • Stage Planning Guide


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